One more.

1. You don’t get to call me paranoid when you just up and bailed on me one day with zero discussion and refuse to talk to me about anything, plus when you straight up lie to me, tell me there’s no one else, and then start fucking around with multiple someone elses.

2. You don’t get to spy on my password protected extremely personal shit and then get pissed at me for checking out the shit you post publicly and then threaten to slap ME with a restraining order.

3. I’m getting “help” because it’s court ordered, not because I need it. Honestly, since I went off meds and I don’t have you to deal with, that’s been a gigantic fucking help. I feel better now than you EVER made me feel. And even more honestly, you need plenty more help, and you’re making it obvious to everyone by trash talking and belittling me for the issues I had that you only made worse.

4. How dare you get pissed at me for having suicidal thoughts, when you’re perfectly capable of the selfishness that it takes to purposely remove yourself completely from someone’s life and leave a giant gaping hole in it? I’m still here. I’ve survived. And if you hadn’t bailed on me, I’d still fucking be here trying to fix your fucked up ass. Suicidal thoughts are just thoughts. A lot of people have them, especially after losing a child. I went through several periods where I overcame them and tried to pick my life back up, but obviously, shit keeps raining down on me every time I get back up. And maybe if you’d actually been there for me when things got extremely shitty, instead of chatting up whores online and then moving it to physical shit, maybe I wouldn’t have gotten to the point that I did. You emotionally abandoned me when I needed your love and support more than ever.

5. You don’t get to fuck around when you said you supported my decision of being ace. If you didn’t support it, all you had to do was talk to me. I know that you have needs, and I believe that I even said that to you and asked you to talk to me if you ever felt like you were having trouble. You didn’t. So how fucking dare you?

6. This is all your fault. You did this. You treated me like shit when I needed you more than ever. You never asked me to stop. In fact, you liked it because it kept me out of your way. You liked me better when I took medicine. So the pills became my friend when you weren’t.

7. You’ve made it clear that you don’t give a shit about Ivy. You don’t care enough about she wants and needs to even *try* to fix things, and you’re too much of a chicken shit to even TALK to me without threatening me, so this means that I can’t share with you the things she does and makes, which you SHOULD be proud of. But you’ve shown that you only care about yourself, so why would you give a shit about your daughter and what she can do and the person she’s becoming? You don’t. And it shows. You can’t even be a man enough to fucking come to her BIRTHDAY PARTY which would mean more to her than whatever bullshit you BOUGHT her. She cannot he bought. She is a human child. And if you really loved her, you would know that.