An inappropriate reaction

There was a court hearing going on between a woman who had been accused of mental instability, and the man who had reinforced this idea by spreading a bunch of bullshit about her, turning all her friends against her, and possibly drugging her to make her have some sort of unprecedented break that magically never happened again after his sudden, undiscussed ship-jump from her life.

The woman’s lawyer was reading off a list of things that she felt important to the matter at hand. But one of those things was never discussed with the woman, and so all of a sudden, to the woman’s surprise, the lawyer told everyone about certain acts and suspicions that she had expressed concerns about several months ago, but stopped when people hushed her and told her not to talk about it.

These matters had been rethought and the woman had decided that there was a good chance that most of them could have just been extreme coincidence.

However. As the lawyer read off this list, the man did something peculiar. Right there, in the middle of a legal court hearing, he made a great, flamboyantly over-the-top show of laughing hysterically, rocking back and forth, covering his face, and even ripping off his glasses to wipe non-existent tears from his eyes.

This elaborate show seemed rather inappropriate. It seemed like the opposite way that someone would act if they were truly innocent and perfectly mentally stable. Particularly in a legal setting, where there are judges and lawyers watching you.

And so after months of telling herself that maybe she really was just connecting things that might not have been related, hearing /seeing things (even though she had no history of hallucination), remembering details wrong, etc… She suddenly reopened that book, and decided to think harder on it.

Gauging this completely inappropriate reaction to the allegations that she originally had wished to god hadn’t been brought up, she decided that maybe it was a blessing in disguise. He put on a fantastic little show in front of everyone, most likely in an attempt to sway the courts in his favor, not realizing that it didn’t look good on him at all.

The woman suddenly felt like an idiot. Had she been making excuses for him again and ignoring her gut feelings, just like when they were together and he was abusing their daughter? She had just spent hours writing and rewriting a well thought out and extremely thorough apology. Had he even really deserved it?

As she was mulling things over, she got a notification from her trusty horoscope app that simply said “You are becoming who you are.”

The woman smiled at this and finished out the hearing with grace and proper tact, unlike the man who had just given more than ample insight into who he really was underneath all of his sociopathic charm.

As the wind rolled through, tussling her hair, she smiled to herself and realized that she was finally free, therefore truly becoming who she was. He had done her a favor in leaving, giving her the time and space to truly be herself again, no longer stifled by his expectations and criticism.

Now all she had to do was make a firm case against him, pulling out her aces that she’d been keeping up her sleeves all this time, for his sake. But it was clear he no longer cared about her, and though it stung in places she didn’t know she had, it also gave her the peace of mind she needed to start fighting aggressively. No more flopping and taking things.

No. It was time for the teeth and the claws to come out. It was time to present the evidence and to summon witnesses. To send samples to a lab of her own accord and prove that everything she said was true. To finally free herself from the scrutiny and unfair judgements of her otherwise good-natured character.

She would give back everything she had received by the power of three, and stand back up, stronger than before, ready to face her newly revived life, free of the toxicity that he had been in it.